Amadas develops DIY type smart door lock which is compatible with any size door and very easy to install. Existing door lock is not compatible with diverse sizes door locks and difficult to install. Amadas developed high-technology to solve these problems and has competency to lead global DIY door lock market. Amadas is diversifying its products such as an IoT-based door lock.


BigBrainLab is a Delaware company headquartered in California, and their product is called ChartMetric is a modern approach to tracking, measuring, and analyzing music data. More specifically, it collects the music ranking and performance data from local charts, iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and lot more. It also gathers social media data (# of likes and fans) from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook every hour. Chartmetric uses algorithms and natural language processing to gather, organize, and derive insights on music.


Blocko is a company enabling fintech through Blockchain, the same infrastructure powering Bitcoin. For decades, businesses and developers have relied on trusted 3rd parties, such as banks and governments, to certificate their confidential data and systems. But it has resulted in the growing numbers of security breaches and accidents. Using Blockchain, a decentralized manner, both security and transparency can be guaranteed. However, building services using Blockchain requires a careful design process and a lot of resources. Blocko helps businesses and developers to build applications and services on Blockchain through CoinStack.

Next Makers

Next Makers provides a marketing platform connecting social influencers and brands. Advertisement through social influencers is cheaper and more appealing than general official promotion video. Also, it guarantees constant level of advertising effect. Next Makers published over 100 beauty contents in Asia and is expanding its business to game.


Picpic is an application which enables to create, classify, and share GIFs whenever and wherever you are. GIFs magnifies specific moment with infinite looping auto-play. Because major SNS started to support GIF format, GIF content market is expected to grow. However, performance of existing GIF apps is weak in their quantity and quality of contents. Picpic has superior technology which enables to make GIFs faster with higher image resolution, occupying less capacity. And it also provides SNS sharing service for users to share the fun with their friends.


Sentbe provides a way of cheaper, faster, simpler overseas remittance services. Total market size of remittance of Korea is about USD 40 billion. But overseas remittance via banks, the traditional way, is expensive, slow, and complicated. Sentbe utilizes Bitcoin system to eradicate concerned banks such as remittance bank, mediation bank, receiving bank. By this system, customers can use cheaper, faster, and simpler overseas remittance services.


WAHOME is a simple and easy application that will help users to directly get connected with properly trained trusted home cleaners. WAHOME will initially target young working moms and housewives in Korea and gradually expand to all users in Korea, HK, and Japan. Currently WAHOME owns a wide cleaner network in Seoul.