JAEM is an integrated solution that provides more personalized apparel shopping experiences. By using JAEM, the smart tape measure, you can easily record your body measures and it is automatically saved on the platform. Using the measures, JAEM recommends products that match your figures and taste among various types of clothing from different brands. This is done by the internally developed machine learning algorithm.


SSenStone is the developer and provider of an integrated user authentication system StonePASS. Under the premise that any system can be susceptible to information leakage, the company has developed a 2-way dynamic key-matching algorithm to guarantee smooth user authentication even in case of user information leakage. This patent-protected technology is the first to integrate all existing security technologies—including password-authentication, online payment, OTP, SMS replacement, bio-authentication, SSO—and to be native to blockchain, cloud computing, mobile, and IoT environments. With SSenStone’s solution, developers no longer need to sweat over adopting multiple authentication technologies for different platforms.

Landing International

Landing International is the leading platform for distributors and retailers to discover new brands and for consumer product companies to launch, manage and grow in international markets. Landing provides a platform for credible distributors and retailers and brands to connect and streamline due diligence, negotiation, purchasing and fulfillment of orders.


Jocoos is a video technology engineering company that has developed video transcoding for mobile video file streaming which uses different transcoding process from existence method, and an unique instant video editing technology which uses OpenGL to playback and apply visual effects with realtime streaming. By this video related technology, they are expanding to VR business with VR video player.


myBOX is an on-demand storage solution for both consumers and businesses who have a lack of space. No need to buy boxes, travel to warehouses, or waste valuable space for storage. myBOX provides convenient pickup and delivery, regardless of your storage needs.