As a child, Carl Wescott lived in Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Malaysia, and Japan. He founded his first companies in Tokyo, while in high school, and since then has had a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. He has created other ventures in the technology, hospitality, and real estate sectors, in the United States, in Asia, and in Central and South America. More recently, he founded a winery, and sold that, before founding real estate development ventures in Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, Nicaragua,Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. As an investor, Carl has been an active angel investor and a VC LP and conducted due diligence (and technical due diligence) for venture capital funds. He has invested in many technology and real estate companies, and some restaurants and films. As an entrepreneur, Carl and his teams have raised over US $450 million.

Originally a technology entrepreneur, Carl sold two software-related companies early in his career. He was a CTO and VP of Engineering for more than 15 years in the Silicon Valley. Carl was previously the founding CTO of GoingOn Networks, which provides an on-demand private academic social network. Prior to joining GoingOn, he served as President of Broadband Mechanics, which designed, built, and deployed DLAs (digital lifestyle aggregators, or branded online social networks).

He led successful DLA efforts for Ziff Davis’ and, among other companies, beginning in 2004, well before the founding of Facebook and other prominent social networking companies. He also worked with South Korean company Cyworld to design the U.S. version of their highly profitable social networking site.

He was CTO & VP of Engineering at Tritonic, creating software for financial services customers, such as Goldman Sachs, E*TRADE, H&Q, and Robertson Stephens. While at Tritonic, he was best known for leading teams implementing & optimizing online investing systems at Charles Schwab & Co. Carl has been featured on CNN and on the cover of Internet Week for his role in the software industry and at Charles Schwab. Carl has been on many boards of directors and boards of advisors. Carl earned a BS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, a MS in Computer and Information Sciences from University of California-Santa Cruz, a MBA at US University, and was a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of California-Santa Cruz. He is currently completing a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) at California Intercontinental University, with thesis research on The Evolution of Business Strategy for IoT, the Internet of Things.