Christine Moon is Head of Automotive Alliances at is building the "software brain" of the self-driving cars which will fundamentally transform our lives in a meaningful way. Prior to, she was Director of Business Development at Color Genomics, which provides accessible, population-scale genetics services and is backed by leading investors in Silicon Valley.

While at Dropbox, Christine helped to bring the cloud based "magic folder" in the hands of hundreds of millions of users globally as Head of Mobile Partnerships.

During her 9 years at Google, Christine has taken on key engineering and sales positions at Google. She was Head of Android Partnerships for Asia-Pacific at Google and joined when Android had single digit market share and left when they had 81% of the global smartphone market.

Christine created partnerships with over 40 international OEM partners in licensing Google Mobile Services (YouTube, Android Market, Movies, Music, etc.) for global distribution. She led the successful launch of “lead devices” (i.e. Nexus S) with key strategic partners in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Prior to this role, Christine led the effort in expanding Google R&D and engineering operations and helped to scale sales operations in their key international markets, and initiated Google’s incubator program in South Africa.

Prior to Google, she worked in New York and Hong Kong offices of Morgan Stanley’s M&A and Real Estate groups executing on transactions with a total value over $2.4 billion. Christine received her B.A. in English Literature and Political Science from Yonsei University and M.A. in International Relations from Yale University as a Fulbright scholar.