Personal Genetic
Service Company

Brian Kang
Founder & CEO


“Fundraising is a difficult process startups need to face. Great support. Timely advice. It all matters. But above all there is real value in picking partners who could see the potential in a way that you see it. Just like SparkLabs did."

4.9 MIL.
Funded by :
SoftBank Ventures Korea
Samsung Venture Investment

Genoplan provides a personalized care service through personal genetic testing which became available to the public in recent years. The company is known for its competencies of incorporating genetic information into the customer’s daily life activities, including but not limited to diet, exercise, and beauty management. The fully automated experimental facility systemically minimizes any potential humor error while promising high-speed computation. The company is planning to ramp up its operations in other Asian nations to become the leading personal genetics company in Asia.