SparkLabs is currently accepting application from the startups who wish to participate in our program.

Based on the global mentorship provided for the early stage startups with potential to make global expansion, SparkLabs biannually hosts accelerator programs, each held for 16 weeks.

SparkLabs' missions include supporting the startups to achieve business success in the global market and assisting the startups to secure their next-stage investment from the renowned Korean and global investors.

The application for the 22th batch program is currently closed.

For more information about our program and the application process, please refer to our FAQ page. for any other inquiries.


The application process for the program is done through the online platform, Accelerator App. Click "APPLY NOW" to access the Accelerator App website, register as a member, and submit your documents by answering the questions on the application form. The Accelerator App website supports both Korean and English, so please use whatever language is more convenient.

Usually at least one and a half month before the deadline, which is usually in June for winter batches and December for summer batches.

The selection happens on ongoing basis. Therefore, if you apply earlier, you will have a better chance of having one-on-one interviews with our partners during time that fits your schedule.

We will notify you of the results and contact you individually to arrange one-on-one interviews within 3 weeks of the application submission deadline. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during the evaluation period.

There will be three rounds of interviews, with the candidate pool being narrowed down with each successive round.

We focus on companies in the Internet, online gaming, mobile, e-commerce, digital media, healthcare, IoT and hardware sectors. Typically, we invest in seed or early-stage companies but we are open to any innovative company that exhibits great potential.

First, we look for companies that specialize in certain sector or product because they have higher success rate. Second, we look for innovative companies that have disruptive ideas. Additionally, because of our investment policy, we do not select one-person companies. Your age, gender, and nationality are irrelevant. What matter to us are passion, commitment and execution.

We are willing to invest in companies that generate revenue and received funding as long as the companies are innovative and demonstrate high growth potential.